Justice and equality

through education

The educational approach that defines our school is based on the pedagogical model called IST – International School of Talents, proposed in the book written by Giordano Casonato.

Italy is a Democratic Republic founded on the School.


The goal is to educate the young to detect, develop and share their own talents and to approach real-world problems in terms of fundamental human values.


According to its educational mission, International School of Talents – Multicampus is committed to justice and equality through education and to developing scientific research, experimentation and educational innovation. It encourages active global citizenship with a view to the education of talents becoming generative.


“We aspire to a world in which education is a generative agent of change, through the discovery of personal talents and the realisation of one’s full potential – with the aim of using that potential for the greater good”.

A truly international school

International School of Talents – Multicampus offers the IB Diploma Programme, a curriculum entirely taught in English that prepares international students to access the most prestigious universities and colleges in the world. International School of Talents – Multicampus welcomes students and teachers from all over the world.