One School, Two Campuses


Gentium Schola Opitergium and H-International School joined together to offer the best academic and life experience to Italian and international students, combining their knowledge and experience in nurturing talents.

International School of Talents – Multicampus can offer a wide range of courses by virtue of its two campuses in Oderzo and Ca’ Tron. Both premises are located in the same territory, the Province of Treviso, and can meet the needs of very different types of students.

Oderzo Campus

If you are interested in Arts and the Humanities, Oderzo will be your choice. Here you will learn about art, fashion and design, history and local traditions. You will meet the most experienced and famous mosaics artists, you will explore the archaeological sites of the territory, you will learn how to make a graffiti and the art of the traditional Venetian carnival costumes.

Ca’Tron Campus

If you are more into entrepreneurship and the digital world, Ca’ Tron Campus will be the right place for you. Here you will meet inspiring people such as entrepreneurs, engineers, musicians and writers. You will learn how to set up entrepreneurial projects dealing with creativity, design thinking, web development, coding, marketing, storytelling and social media management.

Although the two campuses offer different curricula, they share the same core (TOK, Extended Essay and CAS) and are supervised by shared coordinators. Joint activities will be organised throughout the year at the two campuses.