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International School of Talents - Multicampus is determined to be an agent for positive change by developing each person's skills and talents, for the community and for the entire educational context. The student is at the core of the mission and the educational principles of the school, and is considered to be a person with unique talents who is able to significantly contribute to the development of society. The students of the International School of Talents - Multicampus learn new ways to learn, to develop their individual talents, to make conscious and autonomous choices, to be responsible and to share and how to be linked to the world around them without limits on time and space.
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International School of Talents-Multicampus is a school that offers the international IB diploma programme, which is the final two years of high school (Grades 11-12) and has been open since September 2018 to students aged 16-18 from all over the world.

The International School of Talents uses an aptitudinal, motivational, relational and ethical approach, integrating traditional learning with tools and creative experiences that are based on learning by doing in a multi-lingual and multicultural environment, aimed at meeting the need for flexibility, openness, and adaptability that is required by the current socio-economic context and by the job market.

One School, two campuses

Gentium Schola Opitergium and H-International School have joined together to offer the best academic and life experiences to Italian and international students by combining their knowledge and experience in the nurturing of the talents and capabilities of their students.
International School of Talents - MultiCampus offers a wide range of educational experiences thanks to its two campuses located in Oderzo and Ca' Tron.

The two locations are both in the same geographical area, the Province of Treviso,
but can address the needs of very different types of students.

The Oderzo Campus

Here students learn about art, fashion and design, history and local traditions. For example, they will visit famous mosaic artists, explore local archaeological sites, take part in workshops on graffiti and the art of traditional Venetian carnival costumes.

The Oderzo campus is located in Oderzo (Treviso) at Viale S. Brandolini, 6 Oderzo (TV).

The Ca'Tron Campus

If you are passionate about entrepreneurship and the digital world, the Ca' Tron Campus will be the right place for you. We organise educational experiences with inspiring people, such as entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, musicians and writers. Students learn how to create entrepreneurial projects utilising their creativity and by using their skills in design thinking, web development, coding. Lessons in marketing, storytelling and social media management allow students to hone their communicative skills.

The Ca' Tron Campus is located in Roncade (Treviso) at via Sile 6.